• One Day Getaway: Circle Island Drive Around O‘ahu

    I love my job, but sitting in front of a computer screen all day does take its toll, eventually. Furthermore, living and working among the hustle and bustle of Honolulu can become a grind. So yes, even though I live on an island paradise, I still need to find an escape now and then. One of my favorite ways to get away from it all? Take a circle island drive.  
    My preferred route is to start from Downtown Honolulu and head up the Pali Highway. This winding, historic road is a pleasantly jarring shift from the concrete jungle I just left ...

  • Plastics, Microplastics and Greenpeace in Hawai‘i

    When you think Greenpeace, you might think of their daring and dangerous confrontations with whaling vessels or possibly one of their (sometimes controversial) efforts to halt other environmentally damaging activities. So it should come as no surprise to learn that Greenpeace is also active in studying the effects of plastics and microplastics on the environment, trying to get the largest producers and consumers of plastics to change their ways, and educating the public about the dangers and remedies.The Greenpeace vessel Arctic Sunrise recently visited the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and has been making its way around the Pacific to ...

  • Safety First! Staying Safe on Hawaii's Trails and Beaches

    (photo courtesy DLNR) 
    On September 21, 2018, DLNR Department of Forestry & Wildlife closed the popular Mānoa Falls Trail to the public until further notice due to a landslide, because of safety concerns. State officials would be doing assessments to determine how bad the situation was.
    Still, in just the few days since the trail has been closed, three people have already been cited for sneaking onto the trail, despite the barriers and posted warnings.
    The closure of Mānoa Falls brings to mind another beautiful hike into a lush valley, Sacred Falls, on the Windward side of O‘ahu. On Mother’s ...

  • Live Music in Paradise: Summer Concerts on O‘ahu

    The evolving genre of Hawaiian music is the soundtrack to life in Hawaiʻi. From the delicate strumming of the ʻukulele to the vibrant, uplifting melodies, Hawaiian music continues to grow in popularity as its styles and practitioners change with the times. And while we may all have our favorite groups and performers, there’s nothing like the soothing sounds of classic Hawaiian music performed live to bring visitors and residents together. PC: Colleen Ricci.For those visiting Oʻahu in the summertime, you’re in luck, because the island plays host to a variety of outdoor concerts in beautiful, tropical settings. From the verdant North Shore ...

  • Six Hawai‘i Summer Events You Can't Miss

    Get out the sunscreen and beach towels because summer is finally here! While you can’t go wrong with a visit to Hawaiʻi in winter or spring, there’s nothing quite like a summer island getaway. Things move slower in the summer, with residents and visitors alike enjoying less traffic, more leisurely days and perfect weather for an outdoor adventure. Best of all, summer season means the return of festive, family friendly events across the state. From thrilling rodeo action to a festival dedicated to Hawaiʻi’s favorite fruit, you’ll always find something to do in paradise.PC: HTA / Tor Johnson.Check out some ...

  • Something Delicious: TsuruTonTan Udon Noodle Brasserie in Hawaii

    A warm, soothing bowl of udon: this is the comfort food I grew up with. Whether I was kicking a cold or fighting a stomach bug, nothing cured my ailments quite like a large, slurp-able serving of Japanese udon, a rich noodle soup where the thick wheat flour noodles are stars of the show.Mentai Caviar Udon, one of the many udon variations offered at TsuruTonTan.Lucky for me, I’ve spent most of my life in Hawaiʻi, where Japanese restaurants serving the classic Kitsune Udon are in near abundance. But what happens when a restaurant hailing from Japan and specializing in this iconic noodle dish sets ...

  • Celebrating Kamehameha the Great

    Kamehameha the Great (1758?-1819) is one of the most significant figures in Hawaiʻi’s history. As the first ruler of the enduring Kamehameha Dynasty, Kamehameha the Great’s rise to power was prophesied even before his birth, and fulfilled by his historic and incomparable reign. PC: Tor Johnson.Following his unprecedented move of the enormous Naha Stone, Kamehameha was sent to Hawai‘i Island’s North Kohala District where, in accordance with ancient Polynesian customs, he was raised in seclusion and received training by his uncle Kalaniʻōpuʻu befitting of a high-ranking Hawaiian aliʻi (chief). Through lessons in navigation, warfare, oral history and culture, Kamehameha was ...

  • Rock-A-Hula Showcases Hawaiʻi Talent in New Show

    Since its Hawaiʻi launch six years ago, Rock-A-Hula has evolved from a big stage concert experience to a unique fusion of Las Vegas sparkle and Polynesian culture. Now, in an effort to integrate more Hawaiian elements into the existing show, Rock-A-Hula has announced that local talent will join its already dazzling lineup, starting with internationally acclaimed Hirie. This Week Hawaii recently had the pleasure of attending an exclusive media event, where we were treated to a delicious lūʻau buffet, gracious service and a memorable show in the heart of Waikīkī.While Rock-A-Hula is already one of my favorite live shows in ...

  • Five Earth Day Celebrations in Hawaiʻi

    Every April, people around the world recognize Earth Day, a time to promote awareness, education and understanding of the biggest challenges and struggles facing our environment and delicate ecosystem. From the first Earth Day in 1970 until today, we have made great strides in building an environmental movement, but there is still so much more work to be done to protect our oceans, lands and animals.   From the mountains to the sea, beauty surrounds us in Hawaiʻi nei.If you’re in Hawaiʻi for Earth Day (and the days that follow), you’re in luck, because there are so many events and volunteer ...

  • Seven Events to Kick Start your Spring in Hawaiʻi

    Spring is one of the most bustling seasons in Hawaiʻi. Sure we get our fair share of rainy days, stifling humidity and—close your eyes—crawling cockroaches (yikes!), but spring also brings with it some of the most popular and well-attended events across the islands. Whether you’re looking to watch internationally acclaimed films or sample food you’ve never heard of before, Hawaiʻi in the spring truly has it all.Don’t believe us? Here are seven can’t-miss spring events on Oʻahu, Big Island, Maui and Kauaʻi:1. Watch celebrated films from across the globeHosted at Regal Dole Cannery Theatres on Oʻahu, the 21st Annual HIFF ...

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