• Six Hawaiʻi Customs to Make Your New Year Unforgettable

    There’s no place like home for the holidays and, lucky for us, home means rolling mountain ranges, big wave surf and a rich history steeped in many cultural traditions. Influenced by Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian customs, Hawaiʻi is the perfect melting pot in which to welcome 2018. And, with many traditions practiced in the hopes of bringing about good fortune in the year to come, how can you go wrong? Let’s face it—we could all use a little good luck this year.This week we’re taking a look at some of the cultural traditions that have shaped the Hawaiʻi we know ...

  • New Wave Holiday at Ward Village

    Christmas is still a few weeks away, but Ward Village is definitely getting into the holiday spirit.   The indoor-outdoor setup at Ward Village's New Wave Holiday.Once known as Art+Flea, an Oʻahu pop-up market showcasing art, retail, food trucks and live entertainment, New Wave Friday is now presented by Ward Village and hosted in the new South Shore Market. South Shore is an ideal location for this urban night market, complete with festive lighting, rustic holiday décor and lush living walls inside and outside the complex. We spent last Aloha Friday at Ward Village’s transformed New Wave Holiday to ring in ...

  • Editor's Picks: Quick Bites for Breakfast in Hawaiʻi

    If you’re like most people visiting Hawaiʻi, your itinerary is chock full of places to go, activities to enjoy and new things to try. And while quality dining is always enjoyable, sometimes you don’t have the time to gather the troops and enjoy a leisurely, sit-down meal before the first stop on your morning journey.Don’t worry—This Week Hawaii has got you covered.Here we’re breaking down our favorite spots on the Big Island, Kauaʻi, Maui and Oʻahu to savor a quick bite before hopping back in the car for your next adventure.Big IslandCafe 100 – Cafe 100 is a Hilo staple ...

  • Create a New Thanksgiving Tradition in Hawaiʻi

    In Hawaiʻi we hear it all the time—you’re so lucky to live in paradise. And it’s true, we’re incredibly lucky, yet oftentimes the gratitude gets lost behind the hectic schedules, grueling traffic and daily responsibilities that take up so much of our time. Thankfully, Thanksgiving comes around once a year to keep us in check and remind us of how important it is to keep gratitude top of mind, especially when frolicking “in paradise.”This Thanksgiving, I’m reminded of the important things in life. I love my home, my family, my friends and my dog! There’s beauty that surrounds us no matter ...

  • An Ode to Oʻahu Coffee Shops

    For many of us, a good day doesn’t begin without a proper cup of coffee. Getting dressed, navigating through traffic, answering emails, it’s all made twice as challenging without the glory of coffee to kick-start our brains and get our bodies moving. Whether you enjoy the biting, bitter taste of straight black coffee or opt for flavored espresso beverages, coffee lovers understand the simple pleasure of sipping that first cup.Photo courtesy of Morning Brew Hawaii For those of you who are visiting or living on Oʻahu and subsist daily off of numerous cups of coffee, this post is for you. I’m ...

  • In My Town—Gems Around Makiki

    Makiki and I go way back. Before it housed my current library, used furniture and rambunctious rescue dog, Makiki was first and foremost the town in which I grew up. In the cramped, two-bedroom apartment I shared with my parents and younger sister, we fought for our claim over the bathroom and designated spot on the two-seater sofa. When we moved into a more spacious house with my grandparents in 2011, I never would've anticipated returning to the very same apartment complex four years later, yet that's exactly what I did!Despite the heavy traffic and overcrowded housing situation, Makiki has ...

  • HIFF37 Breathes Life into Hawaiʻi's Film Scene

    When the lights dim, we settle into silence. We turn off the ringers on our phones, tuck our bags under our seats, and lean back into the cushion as we await the flashing screen and booming melodies that signal the start of a long-anticipated movie. There's nothing quite like a community gathering together to enjoy a film screening, and this year's 37th Annual Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) presented by Halekulani is guaranteed to be the premier cultural event of the state. Go For Broke: An Origin Story details the life of University of Hawaiʻi ROTC students following the attack on ...

  • Relearning Gratitude

    From my apartment, I watch the rich amber clouds of dawn paint across walk-ups and low-rise condos that hug each other along the cramped streets of Makiki. I’m half-asleep, yawning, and pulled in haphazard circles by my rescue pup Sterling, yet always I try to take a moment, put down my phone, and glance up at the spectacular sights that surround me.As someone born and raised in Hawaii, I’ve fostered both a genuine appreciation for the place I live, as well as a deep understanding of the many things here I’ve taken for granted. The beautiful rainbows shrouded by clouds, ...

  • Support Your Local Beach - Kailua Beach Cleanup

    On a sleepy, Sunday morning I joined members of the Young Progressives Demanding Action (YPDA) group for a sweep of Kailua Beach. The YPDA focuses largely on promoting action and activism in support of a greener, safer Hawaii. 
    I met with the Secretary on the Executive Board, Will Caron of the YPDA, along with other members and scoped the beach for plastics, rubbish and other waste materials. The cleanup was tedious but beach goers made it all the worthwhile. Supportive sunbathers applauded our efforts and offered words of encouragement and gratitude. Some even joined in temporarily, which in turn, ...

  • Take Flight

    We drove over the bridge onto Ford Island.  Our car was packed. I don’t know about my friends but I was super eager to see the planes.  When I was just a kid, I used to dream of being behind the wheel of a large aircraft. Somehow that level of excitement, risk and responsibility always appealed to me. This carried on to my late teens and early adult years, taking the ASVAB for the Navy and considering going active duty.

    The guard checked our IDs and let us in. I was nearly jumping out of my seat. When we arrived ...

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