Kihei Kalama Village Weekly Treasure Hunt

Find the pineapple and win a prize from one of the shops at Kihei Kalama!

Kihei Kalama Village

We are hosting a weekly treasure hunt at Kihei Kalama Village. Details will be posted on the website and social media channels.

The first person to find the pineapple (pictured) will win a prize!   


This Week Pineapple

Here are your clues for Thursday, May 16:

Okay, head to Kihei Kalama Village and letʻs do this!

Where are you starting? Well, you might find an Irish bloke exchanging a penny for a wish in this body of water, or in this case, body of dirt.

Did you figure it out? Cool, now scan the area and head towards a place that can give you a permanent souvenir.

While you’re walking that way, keep your eyes open for some tiny aloha wear. If you spot it, stop and go in that direction!

Walk and walk—the quarters might be tight but you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction if you pass a beautiful waterfall.

Not shortly after you pass the waterfall, look for the Japanese symbol of good fortune or luck. (hint: this is a living creature!)

Pass it and make the first available left!

Pass by a sign for this ancient practice of Mehndi and keep walking until you get to a set of elephant ears—GIANT ELEPHANT EARS.

You there? Swing a right!

Walk and walk...

Walk right on by this University of Penuche until you spot a wood sign for a Big Island chocolate delight and swing another right.

Walk and walk, walk right on by those yellowfins and though a metal hinged barrier.

You’ll spot the Hawaiian term for priest and make your first right.

If you see this natural remedy for soothing sunburn, you’re heading in the right direction!

Keep walking, pass a ‘24k’ and keep walking.

Now, keep your eyes open for a set of burnt bamboo! Do you see it? Head into the nearest entryway.

Walk right on past that yeast fermented liquid until you’re in the light of day.

Stop! Scan the area. Find the nearest eight-legged mollusk and go to it.

Stop! Scan the area again. Look for a woody climbing plant. See it? Our pineapple might be hidden somewhere inside!

Here’s your final clue:

 KKV Final Clue 051619

Did you find it? CONGRATS! Follow these instructions to claim your prize:

Take a photo of yourself with the pineapple and post it to Instagram. Be sure to tag @dabeachhousemaui and @thisweekhawaii.

Bring the pineapple to Da Beach House, show them your IG photo, and the prize is yours!

Thanks for playing!! Stay tuned for details on our next hunt, coming soon!


 This Week Pineapple

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