Hawai‘i Trivia: Five Questions About Maui

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Maui is known for being one of the best islands in the world to visit. It has amazing beaches, boasts world-class hotels, golf courses and restaurants, and hosts approximately 4,000 migrating humpback whales every year.

Scroll on down past the photo and let’s see how much you know about Maui by taking this five-question quiz:


The serene slopes of Haleakalā


1. There are 132 islands in the Hawaiian chain. By size, Maui is the:

a) Largest

b) Second largest

c) Third largest

d) Sixth largest


2. Haleakalā is a mountain volcano rising 10,023 feet above sea level and 30,000 feet from the ocean floor. As a volcano, it is classified as:

a) Dormant

b) Extinct

c) Active

d) Erupting


3. On a clear day, how many other Hawaiian islands can one see from the peak of Haleakalā?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

d) Six


4. The largest banyan tree in Hawai‘i is located on Front Street in Lahaina and spreads across an entire park. It was planted in:

a) 1778

b) 1812

c) 1873

d) 1900


5. Maui’s nickname is:

a) The Gathering Place

b) The Valley Isle

c) The Garden Isle

d) The Sugar Isle


Let’s see how you did!

1.  b) At 727 square miles, Maui is larger than all others, except the Island of Hawai‘i, a.k.a. The Big Island, which is larger than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined at 4,028 square miles. The third largest island is O‘ahu at 597 square miles.

2.  a) Haleakalā is the world’s largest dormant volcano. It last erupted in 1790 and geologists believe it will erupt again in the next 200 years!

3.  d) The six islands are the Island of Hawai‘i, Molokini, Lānai, Kaho‘olawe, Moloka‘i and O‘ahu.

4.  c) When planted, the tree was only 8 feet tall.

5.  b) So named for the valley that runs between the two mountain ranges on the island. “The Gathering Place” is the nickname for O’ahu, “The Garden Isle” is the nickname for Kaua‘i.

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