Oils of Aloha: Utilizing Hawai‘i's Natural Wonders

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One of Hawai‘i’s greatest draws is its natural resources. Lush greenery, sandy beaches, gorgeous sunny weather—there’s a lot to love about the islands’ climate and terrain. So much so, that you’d almost want to take a piece of the islands home with you when your vacation is over. Unfortunately, you can’t bottle up the sun, and visitors are discouraged from removing rocks, shells and other natural artifacts from the state. Foods, clothing and other products, however, are fine, including those made using the ubiquitous macadamia and kukui nuts.

Oils of Aloha cooking oils
Flavorful cooking oils can be made from the oil of macadamia nuts

Usually thought of as a quintessentially Hawaiian crop, macadamia nuts were only introduced to the islands in 1862. The trees were intended to act as a windbreak for sugar cane, another foreign crop that was introduced earlier in the century. Macadamias are known for their creamy, meaty flesh. Macadamias can be roasted and eaten on their own or added to a range of food items like cookies and coffees and even pesto.

Kukui nuts, on the other hand, have been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times, and boast an equally diverse range of uses. They are even used in making cultural arts and crafts, including beautiful leis made of kukui nuts.

Oils of Aloha health and beauty products
An array of products from Oils of Aloha's health and beauty line-up

Oils of Aloha OptiMSM

As with many other nuts, oil can be drawn from macadamia and kukui, which in turn can be used for cooking and as a component in other applications. These oils are also the basis for a line of products by Oils of Aloha. Established in 1988, Oils of Aloha uses a proprietary process to extract the oils from kukui and macadamia nuts for use in several products for home, health and beauty, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and even cooking oils. 

Oils of Aloha’s products health and beauty products help promote healthy skin, as well as relieving sunburns and dry skin, offering protection from the elements and aiding with certain skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis.

Oils of Aloha have just launched a new product known as OptiMSM. This lotion is made with pure kukui oil and is suitable for full body application, including face and neck. It not only moisturizes dry skin, but it also provides relief from muscle pain, and is gentle enough to become a part of your daily beauty regimen. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to take home a piece of the islands’ natural wonders, you need look no further than Oils of Aloha and their all-natural product line-up. Your skin and body will thank you.


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Flavorful cooking oils can be made from the oil of macadamia nuts


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