Why Hawaii Will Be A Great Vacation Destination When Travel Re-opens

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In the last few months, our normal way of life has been completely upended by the coronavirus crisis. Schools and universities closed. We have to wear masks every time we leave our home. We can't get a haircut. We have to refrain from visiting our grandparents. The streets look like ghost towns. 

While many states are ending their quarantines, we are spending extensive amounts of time in the same four walls.

During times like these, it's comforting to let your mind wander to the last vacation you took. Many of us have been dreaming of traveling somewhere warm once it’s safe to do so again. The thought of relaxing on the beach instead of spending another day cooped up inside our homes sounds great right now.

Is cabin fever setting in for you too? Keep reading to learn more about why Hawaii will be a great vacation destination when travel reopens. 

Quick Response to Pandemic

Hawaii was one of the first states to shut down travel and impose mandatory quarantines for those entering their borders. They mandated a 14-day quarantine for all visitors and residents who enter Hawaii. 

The state of Hawaii’s quick response to the COVID-19 crisis has saved lives. While the United States has reached 2.38 million cases of coronavirus with 123,000 deaths, Hawaii only has 816 confirmed cases with only 17 deaths. And while each and every death is heartbreaking, the community’s efforts to stop the spread has saved countless lives.

Wide-Open Spaces 

After being cooped up inside for so long, taking a breath of fresh while dipping your toes into the crystal-blue waters is going to feel so refreshing. Escape the quarantine and indulge in the paradise you’ve been dreaming about. . . Warm weather, picturesque views, miles of sandy beaches. . . You’ll find the perfect place to get away from the crowds (new habits are hard to break!) and relax with your family.

The Weather

While there is an off-season in Hawaii, the off-season is more based on the tourists’ homes than the destination itself. In-season, people travel to Hawaii to get away from the cold weather. In the off-season of Hawaiian travel, the weather is still comfortable. No matter when travel reopens, you won’t have to worry about catching your favorite location at a bad time.

The Views

Hawaii is home to verdant rainforests, sandy beaches, erupting volcanoes, waterfalls, and more. Instead of switching between staring at your TV and phone screens, treat your eyes to breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. 

The Beaches

As many states loosen COVID-19 restrictions, they’re finding tourists flocking to their limited beaches and causing a resurgence of cases. Instead of going to a beach within driving distance like all your neighbors are, you could visit Hawaii’s 750 miles of shoreline. There are over 400 public beaches across Hawaii. You’re sure to find one that’s far from crowds.

Farmers' Markets

With so many exotic fruits and veggies grown on the islands, not to mention some of the best coffee in the world, Hawaiian farmers’ markets are an experience like no other. The smiling merchants, vibrant colored food, and open-air. . . Hawaiian farmers' markets are a wonderful contradiction to our current grocery experience. I.e. Quickly rushing through your local grocery store wearing a mask and copious amounts of hand sanitizer.

Raise Your Spirits

That aloha spirit is as irresistible as it is inviting. In Hawaii, everyone is family, even tourists. It’s no secret that communication has felt off for many people. It’s hard to feel connected to people when you have to wear a mask covering half your face. Hawaiians ingrain the aloha spirit into all of their interactions. You’ll be met with smiles and feel accepted as you wander through paradise. 

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