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Surf’s up! Surf Lessons in Hawaii for Everyone

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Have you always wanted to test your shredding skills? Did you find yourself pumped after watching the pros crush the last Eddie at Waimea Bay? If so, now’s the time to grab (or rent) your board, sprint toward the water…and enlist the help of professionals for some much-needed surf lessons! Surfing plays a huge role in the history and culture of Hawaiʻi. More than just another recreational activity, surfing is a way of life for locals, many of whom wake well before dawn just for the chance to catch a few ... Read More

Farm to Table Excursions in Hawaiʻi

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In addition to its rich and diverse landscapes, Hawaiʻi is also known for its agricultural bounty, growing local coffee, papaya, cacao, macadamia nuts, honey, lavender and so much more. Did you know that Hawaiʻi is the only state in the US that grows cacao? How about that Kona coffee is picked meticulously by hand? These are just a sampling of facts you’d learn during a Hawaiʻi farm tour. PC: Ueshima Coffee Co.Our favorite farm tour operators on the Big Island, Oʻahu and Maui love welcoming visitors and locals alike to ... Read More

Fly Higher: Helicopter Tours in Hawaii

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Boasting lush rainforests, rolling mountain ranges and sandy shores, Hawaiʻi’s majestic landscapes warrant observation from the sky. Though wonderful to traverse by foot, many of the Hawaiian Islands’ standout features are best enjoyed from a dramatic, aerial perspective. PC: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters.For someone with a long harbored fear of heights, I’m nonetheless elated by the prospect of sampling these leading helicopter tour operators. I’ve never been what people call a “thrill seeker,” yet there’s something about soaring high above some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world that makes ... Read More

Where to Zipline in Hawaii

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Are you brave enough to fly high in Hawaiʻi? If the answer is yes, then you’re in luck, because Hawaiʻi is a prime destination for embarking upon ziplining adventures. From rolling mountain ranges to crystal clear waters and everything in between, Hawaiʻi’s majestic landscapes are even more breathtaking from an aerial view. PC: Kohala Zipline.Soar to new heights on the Big Island, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu and Maui with our many ziplining friends. With each zipline tour operator, you’ll enjoy multiple lines, specialty equipment, thrilling speeds and expert instruction as you sail ... Read More

Horseback Ride in Style in Hawaiʻi

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Horses have always held a special place in peoples’ hearts. Gentle giants with incredibly soft spirits, horses are so in tune with humans that they’re even used to bring comfort and healing through initiatives like equine therapy. They are kind, loving and majestic creatures with a good sense of their natural surroundings and the people around them. PC: Turtle Bay Resort.Hawaiʻi is the perfect place to get familiar with these intelligent and affectionate creatures. No matter where your vacation takes you, you’re sure to find a variety of horseback riding ... Read More

Top Eight Reasons to Visit Hawaii in the Winter

Posted in: Culture & History, Environment, Events, Things to Do

While we may not be “dreaming of a white Christmas,” Hawaiʻi locals are still very fond of the winter season. Say goodbye to those winter boots and frumpy jackets (but probably keep an umbrella handy), because winter in Hawaiʻi is all about surf, sun, celebrations...and a few sprinkles every now and then. Need more convincing? Here are eight very good reasons to enjoy a winter reprieve in paradise.1. See big surf up closeThe winter months are heaven-sent to surfers in Hawaiʻi. During this thrilling season, pros and amateurs alike grab ... Read More

Hawaiian Food: A Taste of Real Hawaii

Posted in: Food & Drink

You can learn a great deal about the culture and heritage of a new travel destination from the food that locals eat. A state or country’s cuisine is often inspired by the people who inhabit it, the locals who pour their hearts and souls into the land and shape the way it’s perceived. And as one of the most diverse melting pots in the world, Hawaiʻi boasts a gourmet spread of unique delicacies influenced by Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Filipino and Portuguese cultures, just to name a few.If you’re a ... Read More

A Time of Remembrance & Gratitude

Posted in: Culture & History, Events

The month of December brings thoughts of gift giving and receiving, family gatherings and holiday parties. In Hawaii, it also brings a day of national remembrance held on December 7. This year, we observed the 75th Anniversary National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Commemoration—a lengthy title with an equally large number of unprecedented events held during this once-in-a-lifetime event. From December 1-11, movies on the beach, band performances, activities, special events, banquets, concerts and much more took place to remember the actions of that day, and to say a heartfelt "thank ... Read More

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