There's so much to learn about this tropical paradise we call Hawai'i. Start your journey today by reading more about what makes this place so special.

One-of-a-Kind Souvenirs on the Big Island

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Unique isle souvenirs come in many forms—jewelry, paintings, Hawaiian quilts, quality tees, Koa wood pieces, comfortable and casual apparel, and much more. You’ll find them most everywhere you go while exploring our Big Island shopping spots. Of course, you’ll want to share mementos with family and friends, but be sure to pick up something special for yourself to remember our island paradise! “Colorful, whimsical and sometimes a little off-kilter” is how artist Cindy Coats describes her artwork. “Color is as important to me and to each painting as the subject ... Read More

Do the Hilo Hop into Hilo Hattie

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By Kent Coules, Publisher Before there was Hilo Hattie the store, there was Hilo Hattie the entertainer. Born on O‘ahu in 1901, Clarissa Haili started her career as a teacher before originating the comedy hula routine, which she’d perform for her elementary school students, long before her eventual rise to fame. Her big break came in 1936 on a cruise to Portland, Oregon. The dancer performing with the shipboard entertainment fell ill, leaving the band without anyone to do “When Hilo Hattie Does the Hula Hop.” Haili, who claimed to ... Read More

Must-Do's on the Way to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park

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Hawai‘i Island’s top visitor attraction is Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park, but along the way you’ll find delicious treats and isle experiences that are simply too good to ignore. Punalu‘u Bake Shop is a must stop! Breathe deep and the delicious scent of freshly baked goodies will lead you to Punalu‘u Bake Shop. As America’s “Southernmost Bake Shop” located in rural Ka‘ū, this oasis is a popular landmark for visitors and residents on the way to Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park. “It’s a nice rest stop where people can see our sweetbread ... Read More

See Hawai‘i While Staying In: Unique Virtual Experiences for Your Vacation

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So you get to Hawai‘i and everything’s closed. That sucks. We hear ya.  To protect the further spread of COVID-19 (aka coronavirus), the state governor and county mayors have issued orders which have effectively shut down various activities and facilities, including popular events and tourist destinations. While that can put a damper on your vacation that you’d planned for months, there are ways to still enjoy the wonders of Hawai‘i’s sites and attractions. All you need is a computer or mobile device. A Mediterranean-styled courtyard at the Honolulu Museum of ... Read More

West Side Story: Visiting O‘ahu's Leeward Coast

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Once thought of as the “wild west,” this side of O‘ahu has fast become a destination for visitors with hotels, attractions, shopping malls and more. Regardless, one of the best things about the west side is its natural beauty, and how the sun makes its last showing each day to those living and playing along the coastline. Stunning sunset views from Ko Olina, showing daily ON THE WAY: Looking for something deliciously unique to take the edge off your hunger on your way west? Then before you get out too ... Read More

Pristine Spaces: The Natural Wonders of the Big Island of Hawai‘i

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Hawai‘i Island is a true nature lover’s paradise. Wide open spaces, ancient rainforests, historic trails, unspoiled bays and culturally significant sites dot the entire island. These are just a handful of these fragile places, but explore slowly and open up to connect with the outside. Rob Pacheco (middle) of Hawaii Forest & Trail Kealakekua Bay State Historical Park is also a Marine Life Conservation District located in South Kona. Rich in history and Hawaiian culture, it’s the site where Captain James Cook first stepped onto Hawai‘i Island in 1779. Kealakekua ... Read More

This Week Hawai‘i: Keeping You Up To Date on Hawai‘i Events and Cancelations

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Due to the effects of the CORVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, many local events have been canceled or postponed. We here at This Week are trying to keep up with all the changes the best we can.  We’ll be continuously updating our Events page with cancelations and/or revised dates and information as those details become available to us. We will also be maintaining an ongoing list, below, of attractions, events and ongoing activities that are canceled or otherwise affected by these circumstances.  News is happening fast, though, so even if you don't ... Read More

Exploring Oahu's East Side

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Without a doubt, this side of the island has its share of natural beauty with a list of things to check off your to-do list. Here are a few of them: ON THE WAY:  Did you know that The Kahala Hotel & Resort is home to a family of dolphins? These ocean ambassadors live in a large naturalistic ocean-fed lagoon, and are part of Dolphin Quest’s mission to better connect people with marine mammals, other marine life and our oceans. Through educational, experiential learning programs, the human-animal bond is strengthened, ... Read More

Find Your Peace—Places of Worship on O‘ahu

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Even while on vacation, some of us feel the desire to continue our religious practices. Here are a few options to help keep you on track. Founded in 1970, Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy has been under the guidance of Pastor Alex McAngus since 1988. Where the congregation once sat on beach mats under the palm trees at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, today, the location has moved to the Diamond border of the complex where chairs and tents are set up for convenience. When asked about its mission, McAngus replies, “The Chaplaincy’s ... Read More

Tee it High, Let it Fly: Golfing on Kauai

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If you’re a golfer, then you already know that the Princeville Makai Golf Club is one of the most scenic golf courses in the world. “National Geographic Traveler” ranked it in the top five. As a golfer, I don’t know what more to say. You need to play this course. Period. If you’re not a golfer, you can still experience the course’s beauty. Tool around in a golf cart with a glass of wine in hand, viewing local landmarks such as Hanalei Bay, Queen’s Bath, Kīlauea Lighthouse, ‘Anini Reef and ... Read More

Kihei By Night

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By day, Maui is all about its unrivaled natural wonders, sunny, pristine beaches and unique cultural attractions. But what’s there to do at night? If you’re out on the south shore, there’s quite a bit, actually. Kihei Kalama Village may seem like a typical shopping center shopping mall by day, with it’s cool and eclectic collection of shops and eateries, but surprisingly, this shopping center houses a pretty vibrant nightlife. You can pre-game your night out by filling up on a number of cuisines like Chinese, seafood or Southern-style barbecue. ... Read More

TGIF! Celebrating Community at Maui Fridays

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Most everyone looks forward to Friday as a day of celebration. It’s a way to kick the past workweek to the curb while also serving as a precursor to the rest of the weekend where one will (hopefully) get to rest and relax, or at least do something not work-related. Photo © Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson Many cities have some sort of Friday event that’s centered around a combination of food, art and entertainment. Honolulu’s Chinatown has played host to a popular First Friday party since 2003, ... Read More

Kaua‘i's Farmers' Markets: Fresh, Authentic & Locally Grown

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The heart of a community can be found in its food. Visit any city around the world and you’ll hear its pulse beating soundly from their high-end restaurants to their food trucks. Hawai‘i is no different with a vibrant food scene all its own, but our geographic isolation, volcanic history and tropical climate offers up some unique agricultural opportunities as well.  From colorful tropical fruits like guava, mango and papaya to specialty crops like chocolate and coffee, Hawai‘i is fortunate to be able to grow a rainbow of edible delights. ... Read More

VIBE Bar Maui: From Vision Board to Reality

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Brandon and Myline Dahle had it all. They married young and started a family. Their children were high school Valedictorians and graduated from Stanford and UC Berkeley respectively. They lived in a big house in Vegas, drove luxury cars and had a brand new RV resplendent with jet skis in the driveway. Myline. and Brandon Dahle “We had started writing annual goals on our vision board from the time the kids were in fourth or fifth grade,” explains Brandon. One unaccomplished goal on their board was to own and manage ... Read More

Hiking Kā‘ena Point Trail

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Story and Images by Sarah Yamanaka, Executive Editor This arid coastal hike located in Kā‘ena Point State Park begins a little less than three miles from Kā‘ena Point on both sides of the Wai‘anae mountain range. You can start the trail in either Wai‘anae (2.4 miles one way) or Mokulē‘ia (2.5 miles one way); where the paved road ends is where the trail begins.  An early view on the Kāʻena Point Trail A group of us started in Mokulē‘ia. No blue skies, just gray clouds above for which we were ... Read More

Cruisin' the Coconut Coast of Kauai

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Stretching from Wailua Golf Course up north to Keālia Beach, and inward to Mt. Wai‘ale‘ale, Kaua‘i’s eastside is often referred to as the “Coconut Coast” because of the acres of coconut trees. It was once open only to Hawaiian royalty, and includes the towns of Wailua, Waipouli, Kapa‘a and Keālia. What is there to see and do along the Coconut Coast? Glad you asked! We put together a handy guide with some suggestions for places to Eat, Play and Shop along this stretch of the Garden Isle. Palm trees along Kaua‘i's ... Read More

Searching for Humpbacks: Whale Watching on Oahu

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We’re thrilled to have seen the first of many Humpback whales (kohola) in our island waters, and you can too. Nothing beats being able to see a mammoth whale up close in their natural habitat. Get ready to get acquainted with the mighty Humpback. A breaching Humpback whale [Photo Courtesy Dolphin Excursions] These mighty and endangered humpback whales travel thousands of miles from their home in Alaskan waters to the Pacific Ocean, a route they undertake year after year. Like other mammals such as caribou whose migration routes are passed ... Read More

Jumping in with Dive Oahu’s Brian Benton

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By Kent Coules, Publisher “We started as a ‘dive club,’” says the Southern California native who first came to Hawai‘i as a U.S. Marine in the early 80’s. “It started as a couple of friends, then a few more type thing on the weekend. I’d tow my first boat (a 25-foot, 10-passenger Radon) from ramp to ramp, and people would meet me there.” At the time the dive club started in 1995, Benton was a full-time dive instructor at Tropical Ocean Sports in Kane‘ohe Bay. He was responsible for as ... Read More

Let's Go Whale Watching! How, Where and When to Enjoy Watching Humpback Whales in Maui

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  Every winter, about 4,000-5,000 Humpback whales—two-thirds of the whole North Pacific population, migrate to Hawai‘i’s warm waters from the chilly environs of Alaska for a well-deserved respite. The peak of their activity is from January through March, making this an ideal time for us to view them in the wild. A whale breaching off the coast of Maui [Photo Courtesy Pacific Whale Foundation] While summers in Alaska are devoted to feeding, their winters in Hawai‘i are focused on reproduction. In fact, the state is considered the nation’s primary mating ... Read More

Polynesian Cultural Center: Navigating New Waters with Delsa Moe

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  The roots of the Polynesian Cultural Center can be traced to the late 1940s when members of The Church of Latter Day Saints started a hukilau—a fishing festival with a lu‘au feast and Polynesian entertainment—as a fundraising event. From the beginning, it proved immensely popular, and eventually led to the opening of the Polynesian Cultural Center in October 1963.  The original 39 structures on 12 acres have expanded many times over the years to become a world-renowned, special place of enchantment, entertainment and education.  “We have never stopped expanding ... Read More

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