Dolphin Spotting!

The Dolphin Star was lovely enough to invite me to explore the Pacific and take a gander at some wonderful dolphins!  At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t been on a dolphin tour boat in over five years since my journey to Long Beach, CA. I didn’t know if I would get seasick, but I braved it because I love the ocean - and marine life really speaks to my soul.


Waianae coastine off of the Dolphin Star. Image by Editor, Fatima Abed

It was a beautiful, hot day, as it usually is in Hawai‘i. I was worried I hadn’t dressed appropriately, however was relieved to also see all other media outlets in shorts and tank tops.

The event started with many alohas and an introduction of the crew onboard, including the captain. The staff was wonderful, accommodating and knowledgeable. You can ask them just about anything dolphin related and they knew how to answer.

After leaving the harbor we all gathered around the sides of the boat for dolphin viewing! We came across the first batch of beautiful bottle-nosed dolphins. Despite being told that they are usually boat shy, they came right up to our boat to say “Aloha!”

After plenty of dolphin attention, the captain sailed us out to the Makaha Valley coastline.  The view was beautiful and it was there that we saw Spinner Dolphins! This species of dolphin is a lot smaller than their bottle-nosed brothers, but they’re equally as majestic. Spinner Dolphins got their name from the quirky jumping and spinning they do. When asking one of the crew’s members what the purpose of the spin meant, she said there’s a lot of speculation revolving around that very question. One theory is that they get suckerfish stuck to them and they need to shake them off. Another theory is that they do it just for fun!

Video by Editor, Fatima Abed

The tour goes on to say that the Spinner Dolphins travel in packs of what I’m assuming are family. They’re usually nocturnal, hunting for food in the evening and resting during the day. Today however, they were alive and active! We even got lucky enough to witness one of these adorable baby dolphins jump up and spin. Such a sight to behold!

Unfortunately, I did end up getting a little seasick towards the end of the cruise. Luckily, the staff had ginger tablets and a delicious lunch to help settle me. Totally worth it!

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Image by Editor/Photographer, Sarah Yamanaka

Image by Editor/Photographer, Sarah Yamanaka


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