Banzai Pipeline is known worldwide for its massive swells and intense surf breaks, but read up before you grab your boards! This legendary spot is also home to some of the most dangerous surfing conditions in the world.

With huge waves comes big risks—and because of this, Pipeline is often reserved for more experienced surfers. Housed at ‘Ehukai Beach Park, Pipeline draws the attention of hundreds of serious surfers from around the world, particularly during the winter season when the swells roll in at their peak. If you’re tackling Pipeline, take extra safety precautions to avoid any accidents in the water. You don’t want to enter the water if surf conditions are dangerous!

Home to world-renowned competitions like Billabong Pipe Masters and Volcom Pipe Pro, Pipeline offers some of the best opportunities for big wave sightings. During the winter season, stay up to date on the surf reports, and head up to the North Shore as early as possible to catch professional surfers riding some of the largest waves in the world. 

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