Located at The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a large naturalistic ocean-fed lagoon that’s home to a family of dolphins. These dolphin ambassadors are part of a mission to better connect people with marine mammals, other marine life and our oceans. The goal is for this connection to bring about compassion, empathy and the desire to make a difference in the future of dolphins and all ocean wildlife.

Dolphin Quest’s educational, experiential learning programs strengthen the human-animal bond. They’re meant to educate and inspire guests to care about and help protect marine mammal species in the wild who desperately need our help. In addition to being a fun, safe, educational experience, swimming with dolphins at Dolphin Quest directly supports wild dolphin conservation efforts.

To date, Dolphin Quest has contributed over $4.8 million in support of vital marine mammal conservation, education and scientific studies. These efforts directly aid wild dolphin populations, and it’s all due to guest participation. These experiential learning programs are mutually enriching for guests and the dolphins who seek them out.

The programs are voluntary for the dolphins and are like interactive play sessions of mutual discovery. Being that Dolphin Quest emphasizes unscripted and organic encounters while allowing the time and space to connect in a safe and comfortable environment, the encounter is an “as it happens” occurrence.

The dolphins at Dolphin Quest are well cared for in their ocean sanctuary. Dolphin Quest was founded and is operated by two marine mammal veterinarians, and is accredited by the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums, and is Humane Certified™ by American Humane, the largest certifier of animal welfare in the world.”

Interactive encounters are open to all ages in a variety of sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 5.5 hours in length. It will definitely be the highlight of your vacation!

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