Kenneth Roland Neizman (1932-2003), aka “CAPTAIN KENNY“, was described as “The Picasso Of The Pacific” by The Maui News in 1977. 

For over two decades from the early ‘70’s throughout the early ‘90’s, Captain Kenny was a fixture on the streets of Lahaina.  Nearly every day he could be found creating his distinctly unique artwork under a palm tree at one of his makeshift studios down at the beach and then he’d wander the streets hawking his wares from his “cart gallery”, a shopping cart chock-full of his latest creations. 

With his unorthodox appearance, hilarious sales routines,  and endearing antics, Captain Kenny was a beloved symbol of Maui’s individualism. He became the island’s unofficial Ambassador Of Aloha.

As he put it, “It all began when the coconut hit me on the head!”. True story.  From that point on, Captain Kenny began to create his artwork which features a large cast of characters comprised of zany/otherworldly/primitive sea creatures all born from his imagination.  Usually rendered in his signature “stained glass” style, his art displays an innocent yet complex creative process known only to him.

“Outsider Art”, a fast growing segment of the Art market today, is described in part as “Art made by self-taught or supposedly naïve artists with typically little or no contact with the conventions of the art worlds.”  Captain Kenny is the consummate “Outsider”.

The many people who were lucky enough to acquire Original Captain Kenny artwork during his lifetime have been substantially rewarded.  The value of his work continues to dramatically appreciate over time.  Examples in good condition are commanding four and five figures when they come to market.  Most are held in private collections now and it’s increasingly rare to see original Captain Kenny artwork for sale.

In homage to his legacy, Captain Kenny’s exclusive dealer, Edward Montgomery Fine Art, has created a collection of clothing, prints, and accessories based on Captain Kenny’s original creations.  As a tribute to the artist and offered in the Aloha spirit in which this art was first created, “The Captain Kenny Collection” is an affordable, fun, and easily accessible way for everyone to experience the joy of owning art by “The Picasso Of The Pacific”, Maui’s own, CAPTAIN KENNY. 

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