Experience the sights, sounds and smells of Maui on a hiking adventure through tropical rainforest, into Haleakala, past waterfalls, or off-road around Hana. Experienced, knowledgeable and entertaining guides provide insight into cultural, historical and biological aspects of each area. Open to all ages, from 8 to 80 years old. Reservations required. 

About Hike Maui

Experience authentic Maui, and adventure with us into lush rainforests, jump off stunning waterfalls, hike into the silence of Haleakala Crater, and venture through the splendor and romance of the Hana Highway.

Our highly trained guides will provide the most epic day of your vacation. With their naturalist backgrounds and entertaining personalities, our guides will lead you safely through all our Hike Maui adventures.

Hike Maui has been exploring the island of Maui with our guests for over 35 years.

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Hike Maui - Haleakala Crater Hiking Experience

Haleakala Crater Hiking Experience

A visit to Maui is not complete without experiencing Haleakala Crater—a magnificent amphitheater of silence, and a place of beauty that always evokes awe. 

7 Hrs.

8 Yrs. +

Hike Maui - Kayak, Snorkel & Waterfall Combo Tour - Maui, Hawaii

Kayak, Snorkel & Waterfall Combo Tour

Do it all – ocean kayak and snorkel, waterfalls, and rainforests – in one 7.5 hour trip. On the ocean: 2.5 hours kayaking along South Maui’s dramatic lava-covered landscape. 

7.5 Hrs.

6 Yrs. +

Hike Maui - Morning Waterfall Walk Tour - Maui, Hawaii

Morning Waterfall Walk

This is the perfect choice if you want a short, easy walk to two waterfalls in our gorgeous Maui rainforest valley.

3 Hrs.

4 Yrs. +

Hike Maui - Afternoon Waterfall Walk - Maui, Hawaii

Afternoon Waterfall Walk

Fun, easy, and great for families, or if you are limited on time.

3 Hrs.

4 Yrs. +

Hike Maui - Waterfall & Rainforest Hiking Adventure - Maui, Hawaii

Waterfall & Rainforest Hiking Adventure

This is our most popular hike in an amazingly unique valley. Dazzling waterfalls from 10 to 40 feet high, large clear swimming pools under each of the falls, magical rainforests, and freshwater streams.

5 Hrs.

6 Yrs. +

Hike Maui - Zipline & Waterfall Adventure Combo - Kahului, Hawaii

Zipline & Waterfall Adventure Combo – Kahului

Jump from waterfall ledges, take a refreshing “shower” under a Maui waterfall, and end your day with the adrenaline thrill of ziplining on the lush slopes of Haleakala.

6.5 Hrs.

8 Yrs. +

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