Honolulu Cookie Company started in 1998 when entrepreneurs Keith and Janet Sung developed a recipe for premium shortbread cookies. As an artist, Keith wanted to develop something unique—a cookie that represented true Hawaiian hospitality. What he created was a line of island-inspired flavors in a signature pineapple shape. The recipe has been refined over the years, but dedication to quality ingredients inspired by the flavors of the islands haven’t wavered.

From their bakery, stores opened throughout Honolulu, particularly in Waikīkī, to ensure the hospitality that inspired the cookies was delivered to visitors from around the world. Eventually, new locations opened on Maui, in Las Vegas and in Guam.

Each progression is informed by a commitment to sharing the best experience of a Hawaiian vacation. The cookie collection packages are designed to delight and the stores are eager to share the Aloha Spirit, but it all begins with the cookies. The finest ingredients are selected to bake fresh daily and ship internationally to friends and fans around the world.

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