Regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaiʻi, Kailua Beach boast pristine waters and silky, white sand. Complete with usually temperate weather and clear conditions, Kailua Beach is a go-to spot for swimming, kayaking and windsurfing.

People from around the world visit this breathtaking beach to frolic along its 3 miles of soft sand and wade through the cool, turquoise and blue waters. For those preferring water sports, Kailua Beach is welcomed to surfers, kayakers, bodyboarders and windsurfers alike, though its well-known for its windsurfing due to the consistent trade winds and milder waves.

Neighboring Kailua is the beautiful Lanikai Beach, just as impressive as its counterpart but more private and less-accessible. While Kailua Beach boasts ample parking areas, there is no public parking lot for Lanikai Beach. Kailua Beach is also equipped with picnic spaces, showers, restrooms and phones, unlike Lanikai Beach.  

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