Koloa Town is the site of the state’s oldest plantation settlement, and where sugar was king in 1835. Glimpse the town’s former plantation history at the Koloa History Center. Open from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily, it features exhibits with photos and artifacts from the plantation era. The outside directory illustrates the layout of historical buildings and landmarks. Plaques on each building tell the story of the businesses and families who once lived there.

You’ll also find more than 20 shops and boutiques, eateries and services in Old Koloa Town, an open-air shopping complex that calls these buildings home.

History buffs might want to read up and follow the 10-mile Koloa Heritage Trail. Along the trail are 14 stops with descriptions of the significance of each location. Rich in culture, history and geology, the trail can be walked, biked or driven. Learn about the legend of the huge moo, or lizard, that was caught in the blowhole of Spouting Horn Park. Visit Koloa Landing, once the only port of entry for foreign goods. Walk the same strip of sand that visitors arriving from the Marquesas Islands between 200 and 600 A.D. walked. For detailed information, call 888-744-0888 or visit poipubeach.org and pick up a Koloa Heritage Trail guide.

 A lovely canopy of trees, locally known as the Tree Tunnel on Highway 520 or Maluhia Road, offers up a fragrant drive. History names a Scottish cattle rancher, Walter Duncan McBryde, as the one who planted 500 fragrant trees along the road more than 150 years ago. Open the window to breathe in the delicious fresh scent and get your camera ready!

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