LanaI is the most accessible island to reach from Maui and literally means day of conquest. It can be seen from Lahaina and Kaanapali. It is also the smallest inhabited island in the state. Lanai caters to those seeking activities away from city noise and crowds. It offers wide-open spaces, no traffic lights, few paved roads and beautiful scenery. On one hand you’ll find luxury resorts with fine amenities, such as the grand Manele Bay Hotel and the rustic Lodge at Koele. These five-star resorts feature restaurants, organized outdoor activities and cultural programs.

Two championship golf courses, the Experience at Koele and the Challenge at Manele will offer endless panoramic views and a challenging workout. For the bold and adventuresome, an off-road excursion through Lanai’s countryside offers an enticing change of pace. Explore the Garden of the Gods, the ancient ruins of Kaunolu Village, Shipwreck Beach with its lighthouse and the Munro Trail, a scenic route to the 3,370-foot island summit on Lanaihale. For water enthusiasts, Lanai offers many scuba diving sites for all levels; experienced divers will enjoy the lighting effects of Lanai Cathedrals, rated Hawaii’s number one dive spot by Skin Diver Magazine.

Beginning snorkel enthusiasts should explore Hulopoe Bay, a marine life conservation district. The calm waters are home to many colorful fish close to shore. Go for the day or spend the night in an elegant room. Lanai is the ideal island for indulging in personal relaxation time.

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