When Lehua Jewelers opened in 1985, owner Sharon Gilbert was prepared to take her long-time inspiration—classic Hawaiian enameled jewelry—to the next level. She has created many Big Island designs, working in 14K, 18K and sterling silver, sometimes embellishing with colorful glass enamel, diamonds or precious gemstones.

This fine arts major has designed hand-engraved pieces throughout her career inspired by Hawai‘i Island. She also collaborates with clients to achieve their desired styles.

“Although we’re known for our Hawaiian Heirloom jewelry, we have a wide range of treasures to meet many different tastes and budgets,” says Gilbert. “We have a large assortment of gemstone and pearl jewelry at our store, and many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind creations that we make right here.”

One of the state’s most prestigious hula events is the Merrie Monarch Festival, now in its 57th year. One of the most anticipated events at this weeklong celebration is the Miss Aloha Hula in which female hula dancers compete for the honor of being named the top solo dancer. Lehua Jewelers was commissioned to create the Miss Aloha Hula award bracelet in 2013.

“I believe there is great meaning behind this commission,” says Gilbert. “When we were approached by Aunty Luana Kawelu, it was important to me that our bracelets were indeed all handcrafted here in Hawai‘i by local engravers, using the classic technique of hand cut lettering for the traditional glass enameling. Additionally, I feel that we go an extra step by allowing each winner to design her own bracelet, including elements that are precious to her. So far, no two bracelets are alike.”

Stop by Lehua Jewelers and let Sharon Gilbert and her staff help you find the perfect symbol that expresses your feelings for the ones you love.

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