Situated near the Wailua River in East Kauaʻi, Lydgate State Park is a picturesque spot for families looking to enjoy a casual day at the beach. Boasting a rich history and named after a prominent former leader on Kauaʻi, Lydgate offers a man-made, salt-water pool and calm waters ideal for beach-goers of all ages.

Because of its tranquil waters, Lydgate is a great place for beginning snorkelers and those frolicking along the sand. Its enclosed ponds create a barrier from the rougher waves, while small, tropical fish make their way toward the reef. This is a great place to rent or grab your snorkeling gear and enjoy the amazing sights of underwater creatures in a protected area.

In addition to its child-friendly waters, Lydgate State Park also offers on duty lifeguards, picnic areas and other facilities for you to enjoy your time in East Kauaʻi’s warm waters. There’s also Kamalani Playground, a popular community gathering space, complete with swings, walkways, bridges, hanging bars, secret pathways and much more—the playground is a huge hit with keiki and adults alike!

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