If you’ve ever wanted to experience the beauty beneath the waters around Hawai‘i, you would normally have to get snorkel gear or become certified in SCUBA. Fortunately, there’s now an easier way to view the ocean’s wonders.

Semisub offers a means for anyone to peer beneath the sea from the comfort of a semi-submersible water vessel. The Semisub is a jet-powered catamaran with a special underwater viewing compartment from where you can see coral reefs, sea turtles and the occasional reef shark.

An outing on the Semisub begins with a cruise along the Waikīkī skyline and Diamond Head in air-conditioned comfort. Once you reach your destination, the vessel partially submerges and the wonders below are revealed. Afterwards, return topside for a delicious meal by the esteemed and award-winning Chef Chai.

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