If you’re looking for a nice cove to spend your day here in Oahu, make sure to check out Sharks Cove. This natural beauty is located on Oahu’s North Shore in Pupukea Beach Park and has tons of stunning marine life to sight-see and great waters for swimming.

Yes… you read that right. Swimming in sharks cove.

Are there Sharks in Sharks Cove?

While sharks cove is connected to the ocean and there is always a possibility of sharks, it is very unlikely that this will be the case when you visit. Now we know that the name may seem a little daunting, but you’ll be happy to know that the cave didn’t get its name from being home to a ton of sharks.

Why Is Sharks Cove Called Sharks Cove?

Since Sharks Cove isn’t named after the marine life that inhabits it, where did the name come from? Well, the name “Sharks Cove” is in relationship with the shape of the cove when seen from the skies. The shape of the cove looks a lot like a shark when viewed from above. Cool, right?

Make sure if you plan a visit here that you enjoy the sun for us and take a dip in the cove for good measure. Also… bring a camera while you explore the area. If not, don’t worry. Either way, you are sure to remember your Shark’s Cove adventures!

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