Hula costumes, Hawaiian shirts, prom gowns, cheerleading outfits, wedding gowns, whatever needed sewing, Vicky Masuoka sewed it out of her home for nearly 10 years before opening Vicky’s Fabrics in July 1982 in Old Kapa‘a Town. “She also did clothing alterations, cushion covers and curtains,” says Maile Bloxsom, one of Masuoka’s daughters. “If you could sew it, mom probably made it.”
Bloxsom and her sister grew up in their mom’s shop, doing homework, hanging out and helping behind the scenes. She even learned to sew clothes and did small fixes, but the sewing bug never did take hold of Bloxsom—until she turned 30.
“I was working as an accountant in Los Angeles and had just got a promotion, and a new office with a big blank wall,” shares Bloxsom. “I didn’t like any of the art they offered to hang on my wall office, and I was coming home for a vacation. There, working with a local quilter, I made a wall hanging, two-feet tall and six-feet wide, a series of three kimono in Asian prints, perfect for the wall on my office. The next month, I signed up for a beginning quilting class and haven’t stopped quilting since.”
Seventeen years later, Bloxsom now owns and runs the store while her mostly retired mother continues to sew almost daily. Her 11-year-old daughter, Ashlyn, has just discovered her own love of sewing and has completed some small projects. Bloxsom herself continues her love of quilting and creates small crafts.
Vicky’s Fabrics is a full-service fabric shop for sewing, quilting and crafts. Find a wide variety of fabrics for clothing, satins, linens, stretch fabrics for swimsuits, polyester cotton Hawaiian prints, rayons and cottons. There are also a large collection of quilting cottons, as well as decorator and heavyweight upholstery for home decor. Clothing and quilting patterns, notions are available too.
Customers can also find ready-made quilts or kits to make on their own, plus locally made gift items and products designed in Hawai‘i for sale. Quilting and sewing lessons are also open to all skill levels.
“Coming home to Kaua‘i and taking over the store has been an experience to learn about business and community, and home and family,” shares Bloxsom. Her mom ran the store for 29 years before handing it over to Bloxsom. Let’s see the family tradition continue for at least another 30 more.

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