All are welcome to attend services at Waikiki Baptist Church.

   “Our 9 a.m. service is contemporary,” shares Pastor Andrew Large. “Our 10:45 a.m. service is traditional. I preach the same expository sermon straight out of the Bible for both of them.

   “People come dressed casually, and in between the two services we have an Aloha Fellowship where we sit down and talk story with our visitors and get to know each other over a meal. In addition to the two English-speaking services, we have two services in Korean and one in Japanese.”

   All visitors are greeted with a warm welcome. “We also have a map of the world where people can put a pen to where they are from,” says Large.

   “Oftentimes in my sermon I’ll say, ‘If you don’t hear anything else I say this morning, please hear these three words: Jesus Loves YOU!’”

   Is it important for people to attend church even while on vacation? “Yes,” says Large. “You cannot vacation from God.”

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