Every island has its own mom and pop shops and family businesses that have sold edible delights to islanders for decades. Maui is no different. Here you’ll find Homemaid Bakery’s manju, Sam Sato’s famous dry noodles, pastries made from secret family recipes at Komoda Store & Bakery, and the refreshing treat that’s not ice cream, sherbet or sorbet—it’s called guri guri from Tasaka Guri Guri. Be sure to try these isle favorites! Whatever your tastebuds are craving, you’ll find it here in every flavor of the cultural rainbow. In addition to the ethnic fare we’re all familiar with—Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, American, etc.—you’ll also find cuisine that’s undergone a cultural makeover. For instance, a BBQ burger topped with kalua pig, mahi mahi with a mango citrus glaze or topped with a roasted pineapple salsa, or salmon marinated in ginger soy—in other words, Pacific Rim cuisine. The farm-to-table revolution is also popular, although Hawaii Regional Cuisine incorporating fresh, local ingredients, predates it. And, of course, food truck fare is plentiful and affordable, all the more reason to try everything new!

Maui / Dining